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precise punched slot screen
· High precision slot width
· High corrosion resistance
· Resistant to collapse and deformity
· High density slots and low resistance
· Perfectly smooth surface
· high open surface ratio
· Corrosion and erosion resistant
· Heavy duty quality profile wires withstanding violent vibrating action
wedge wire panel
wedge wire screen
· widely used for water, oil & gas wells
· high open area
· accurate slot dimension
· non-clogging


ABOUT Royal Oak

Established in the heart of Alberta, our company stands at the forefront of innovation, with our state-of-the-art machinery shop nestled in Nisku. We specialize in delivering impeccable sand control products and cutting-edge pipe liner services that redefine industry standards.
Our commitment to excellence is showcased through our groundbreaking automatic 72-hole drilling lathe. This revolutionary technology not only drills class 3 casing seamlessly but also amplifies work efficiency and elevates hole placement accuracy to unprecedented levels.
about Royal Oak
Royal Oak Canada Inc.

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